Elizabeth Nichols Jewelry
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About Elizabeth Nichols Jewelry

Elizabeth is a trained image consultant and colour analysis specialist certified by the Fashion Academy of Memphis. Providing wardrobe consulting services for numerous career women in the Memphis community, Elizabeth also offers colour analysis services to ladies of all ages at different seminars and events throughout the city. 

“My goal is to create pieces that are essentially an extension of who people are.  Uniqueness is one thing, but it’s got to be something that matches their personality and is essentially an outward expression of who they are on the inside.  I believe that wearing custom jewelry that compliments an outfit can bring a sense of polish and help a woman feel simply beautiful.” 

Having traveled throughout Europe and spending time in the west-coast market, Elizabeth gets her inspiration from both classic European designers and the fashion-hub of Los Angeles.  “I’m looking to provide the wow-factor of Hollywood, combined with the elegance and class of Paris and Milan.”